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Katherine Petralia

COO and Co-Founder Kathryn Petralia has 17 years of experience in the consumer credit and payments space. She helped start Kabbage by believing that important decisions about working capital should be based on data generated by dozens of business operations rather than on a credit score.

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Tell us about your company and your team.

Kabbage provides SMBs with lines of credit they can use to grow. Our automated platform allows business owners to go from the beginning of the application to cash in their account in less than 10 minutes, which gives them more time to run their businesses. Our team is laser focused on continuously improving the customer experience, and enhancing the product to enable us to better serve all businesses, regardless of business type or location. Our customer care is highly personalized, and the combination of high-touch service and automation has earned Kabbage NPS scores unheard of in financial services.

When did you begin working in Midtown?

We moved to midtown from Dunwoody in early 2011. It was driven by a combination of an easier commute (we all lived intown) and a more vibrant environment with easy access to restaurants, public transit and entertainment.

What's one happy accident that helped your company grow?

A happy accident that has helped Kabbage grow was the global financial crisis. Because we launched during a down market, we got a jump start on the many companies that entered the industry during the recovery. We built a business that can withstand a challenging economic environment, and are well poised to dominate in the current upswing.

What's your favorite cheap eats spot in Midtown, and what do you order there?

Takorea is one of our favorites - they have frequent specials and the food is fantastic, plus it’s a 5 minute walk.

Name one thing about your company that we can't read on your website.

Hack Day! Twice a year we invite everyone in the company to participate in Hack Day, where teams get together to build prototypes of tools, features and products that enhance our product and platform. The past hack day saw 8 prototypes, 3 of which were put into production within a few months of hack day.

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