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Atlanta Named one of Top Knowledge Capitals in U.S., Europe

Brookings Institution, the public policy research organization, ranked metro Atlanta one of 19 top ‘Knowledge Capitals’ for mid-sized population centers in the U.S. and Europe.  According to the Brookings report, 20 of the 100 top scientifically impactful universities in the world are located in these ‘Knowledge Capitals’ and one of these is Georgia Tech.  In its Metropolitan Policy Program report, ‘Knowledge Capitals’ are described as the world’s leading knowledge creation centers. They rely on their well-educated residents, innovative universities and entrepreneurs, and relatively sound infrastructure connectivity.

Midtown Atlanta, home to Georgia Tech, Technology Square’s public/private innovation district, and 12 Fortune 500 corporate research centers, exemplifies the ‘Knowledge Capitals’ of the Brookings report.  Tech Square, an ecosystem focusing on technology and talent, has proven to be hugely attractive to legacy companies and startups alike.  

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