Ongoing Efforts

Midtown's Mission

The Midtown Innovation Hub is a place where ideas, talent and capital are concentrated in a high density area that has the spaces and events to support business collaborations. Today, Midtown Alliance is developing and implementing a district-wide innovation strategy to catalyze growth in high-tech and creative industries and to attract even more investment and business growth.

The Midtown Innovation Hub is being led by a council that includes representatives from Midtown’s entrepreneurial community, corporate leaders, the Chamber of Commerce, Georgia Tech and the City of Atlanta. Our efforts are focused on developing the infrastructure and physical environment to encourage innovative activities, supporting networking tools and programs to enable greater collaboration, and marketing the related opportunities and successes to the community.

Georgia Tech & Midtown Alliance Partnership

Midtown Alliance and Georgia Tech have formed a partnership, called Midtown Buzz, to facilitate the creation of a package of connected mobile apps that enrich the Midtown experience and provide a hyper-local voice. 

Midtown Buzz

Learn more about our exciting partnership with Georgia Tech.
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Broadband as a Market Differentiator

Global broadband is projected to increase three-fold over the next five years. Midtown Alliance is working to better understand existing broadband resources in Midtown, determine additional needs and develop a strategy to meet those needs. 

Entrepreneur & Corporate Networking Tools

Entrepreneurs and growing tech companies often have unique needs. We’ve compiled a list of resources including everything from district WiFi hotspots to accelerators and innovation centers. You’ll find almost everything you need to get to work in Midtown on our District Map.

Alternative Workspaces

Find a shared work environment that will help your budding business thrive.
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Marketing Midtown

We're constantly updating a comprehensive inventory of the District’s assets. In addition, we’re profiling local entrepreneurs and using social media, newsletters and PR to promote Midtown’s success stories, trends and growth areas. Finally, Midtown Alliance is working with our city, state and regional economic development partners to ensure a bright future.

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