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The Living Lab is where people and technology come together to make Midtown an even greater community, but you won't find it on a map.

About the Living Lab

Midtown Alliance and Georgia Tech recently collaborated to convert Midtown into a "Living Lab": an urban laboratory enabling local entrepreneurs, app developers and researchers to collaborate and test new innovations. Participants have the benefit of experimenting with social apps, near field communication, augmented reality and other technologies in a real world environment.

As a highly dense, walkable and connected community, Midtown is the ideal environment for a Living Lab. Midtowners are active and tech savvy—always eager to engage with their surroundings and collaborate to make Midtown a better place to live, work and visit.

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Midtown Engineering

Bioswale Project

Evaluation of two bioswales - landscape structures designed to capture and naturally filter pollutants from stormwater – continues at the intersection of Juniper Street and 5th Street.

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Digital Projects

Midtown Buzz

Learn and contribute to the history of Midtown through interactive text, photos and videos. This app turns walking down the street into a true adventure!

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Midtown Apps

Midtown Red

Midtown Red is a mobile app currently in development that connects residents, workers and visitors to local deals and custom offers from participating restaurants, retailers and attractions in Midtown.

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The Living Lab is where local entrepreneurs, app developers and researchers collaborate to test their technology. You can actively participate in the Innovation Hub by being a beta tester for our recent apps, sharing your ideas for future technology or utilizing our developers toolbox to create a new Midtown media experience of your own.


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