Midtown’s world-class innovation hub continues to grow. From commercial giants and globally-ranked anchor institutions to incubators and accelerators, this is where the business community collaborates on projects that break through. Get involved here. Because some of the best work happening anywhere in the innovation space is originating from Midtown Atlanta.

Why Midtown? >>>
We're building foundations and forming connections in the community in order to propel innovation in technology, the arts, healthcare and more.
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Midtown Innovation

See why Midtown Atlanta is at
the center of an innovation ecosystem.

What Is a Culture of Innovation? See Who's Here
District Map >>>
Explore an interactive map of Midtown that highlights key growth areas, startups and cultural venues.
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Living Lab >>>
Midtown is fast becoming an urban laboratory that enables local entrepreneurs and developers to refine their products and ideas.
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Want to be a part of the Midtown Innovation Hub? Get in touch here.
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Why Is Education Important for Innovation? Learn More
Innovator Spotlight >>>
Midtown is going places, but don't take our word for it. Hear it from the entrepreneurs and business leaders who call Midtown home.
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